Polish Philology

Speciality: Polish Philology - Journalism

The aim of the programme is to prepare the graduates to work as a journalist in the mass media. In the course of study, the student becomes familiar with the basics of press law, learn to edit texts, become acquainted with various journalism genres and gain the necessary knowledge concerning press, radio and Internet journalism.

The study programme is targeted at those who are interested in employment in:

  • press, radio and television,
  • opinion poll and market research centres,
  • cultural and artistic institutions,
  • Internet portals,
  • PR and advertising agencies,
  • e-marketing agencies.


Speciality: Polish Philology - Polish Philology and Logopaedics

The study programme allows gaining a thorough knowledge and skills related to:

  • knowledge of Polish and foreign literature, theory of literature, history of the Polish language as well as knowledge concerning language as a means of communication and language as a material of literature,
  • psychological and social knowledge,
  • knowledge concerning contemporary culture and multimedia,
  • modern teaching methods, forms and techniques,
  • using modern information and communication technology,
  • designing didactic and educational activities, analysing and diagnosing didactic phenomena,
  • self-improvement and perfecting work-related skills