Speciality: Early Education
The study programme graduates are creative teachers with a vast knowledge and practical skills, qualified for work in kindergartens and forms I - III of primary schools. The graduates' characteristics comprise the following:

  • knowledge of methods, forms and didactic means as well as the ability to skilfully and optimally apply these in the teaching - learning process,
  • familiarity with the core curriculum, ability to interpret it and design one's own teaching programme,
  • ability to design didactic - educational activities and readiness to accept responsibility for their conducting and outcomes,
  • competences referring to diagnosing and stimulating the learner's mental, physical, social and emotional development,
  • ability to assess one's own performance and willingness to constantly work on one's own development - cognitive and creative activity,
  • ability to effectively communicate with the learners and their parents,
  • ability to assess the cultural phenomena, conduct their analysis and relate them to reality.


Speciality: Protective - Educational Pedagogy and Family Support

The aim of the study programme is to prepare students for protective and educational work with children, adolescents, adults and families, granting the qualifications needed for the following positions:

  • educator in protective-educational institutions, both school institutions (after-school club, boarding house) and non-school institutions of this type,
  • educator in supportive institutions such as community day care centres of various types,
  • educator in intervention institutions (emergency shelters), educator in socialising institutions (children's homes),
  • school counsellor,
  • family assistant.