In Free Time

The Academic Choir

The choir rehearsals gather students wishing to develop their musical talents in a variety of genres, from medieval to modern choir compositions. The choir performs at the University and city events.



The belief in benefits of physical activity led to the foundation of The Academic Sports Organisation (AZS) in 1998.

The AZS Club comprises several sports sections:

  • - basketball (men) - taking part in university league
  • - volleyball (men and women) - taking part in university league
  • - futsal (men) - taking part in university league
  • - sailing - organising courses and cruises,
  • - tourism - organising hiking trips in the area, orienteering competitions, summer and winter mountain camps,
  • - horse-riding - organising courses and horse rides, taking part in national championships.


Academic Career Centre

Since its first days, the Academic Career Centre (founded in 2003) has been run by volunteering students. The general aim of the ACC is to support and counsel students seeking a suitable employment.

The Academic Career Centre compiles a database of students and graduates, administers a website with lists of the best students and graduates, takes parts in various programmes, seminars and workshops. It organises free-of-charge workshops intended for students and graduates, which concern psychology and preparation of application documents. The workshops also provide important information about the current situation on the labour market.