The State University of Applied Sciences in Elbląg

Due to decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we would like to inform you that classes at our university are suspended until 30th September. During that time the classes will be conducted remotely.

To counteract the spread of SARS-Cov-2 virus it is recommended to minimize the participation of employees and students in external mass events, including state, religious, local government, cultural, sporting events, shopping malls and other places gathering large numbers of participants during such meetings.

In case of suspected coronavirus infection, you should contact the appropriate provincial sanitary and epidemiological station or go to the local infectious ward (but not to the hospital emergency department and not a family doctor).

District Sanitary-Epidemiological Station
Emergency telephone number 666-191-783 (24/7)
Elbląg, Królewiecka 195 street


The State University of Applied Sciences (PWSZ) in Elbląg is a young higher education institution, but, at the same time, one of the oldest and biggest ones among the 35 state universities of applied sciences founded in Poland. The PWSZ in Elbląg was established on July 1, 1998, and since its foundation our School has granted 9560 graduation diplomas (7579 diplomas to graduates of full-time programmes, 1981 diplomas to graduates of part-time programmes) and 3208 post-graduate diplomas. Over a quarter of our students originate from rural areas, which three times exceeds the national rate. In this way our vocational university, similarly to nearly all of the vocational universities, prevents young people living in the rural areas from social exclusion which may result from a limited access to higher education.

Currently, the PWSZ in Elbląg provides education to almost 1700 students in nine fields of 1st cycle studies (bachelor and engineering), offered by the Institutes of: Applied Informatics, Technology, Pedagogy and Languages, Economics. We also offer 2nd cycle education in four fields of studies. All of the study programmes comply with the Polish legislative acts concerning higher education and with the Bologna Process, which comprises all the countries of the European Higher Education Area.

All of the programmes offered by our University have been accredited by The State Accreditation Committee, which guarantees a high quality of education. We have signed cooperation agreements with Gdańsk University of Technology, University of Gdańsk and the University of Warmia and Mazury in order to ensure cooperation as regards the quality of education and teaching programmes compatibility.

The PWSZ in Elbląg is a member of the Erasmus+ Programme, which gives our students the opportunity to travel abroad in order to study or complete their internships financed by the European Union. Every year, they have both the possibility to study in over 30 chosen countries and to complete their student internships in the European Union companies of their choice. For several years now, the PWSZ in Elbląg has been accepting foreign students from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Republic of North Macedonia, Slovakia,  Lithuania and many more.

The theoretical knowledge which the students acquire in the course of their studies  at the University is complemented by skills referring to its application during student internships which take place at the best companies in Elbląg. The technical fields of study of our vocational university are traditionally supported by the turbine and foundry plants located in our city. Our students gain economic and administrative experience in business enterprises and in financial or local government institutions, while the future teachers polish their skills at the schools in Elbląg.
Our students also have the opportunity to pursue their scientific, artistic and sports interests by participating in the students’ science associations, the academic choir and numerous sports sections of the Academic Sports Organisation.

The graduates of the PWSZ in Elbląg are highly valued by employers. Many establish their own businesses, and those who wish to continue their education are qualified to do so at the second cycle level in all academic institutions in Poland as well as abroad, in the European Union countries. The flexibility of the Bologna Process gives them the chance to continue their education in related fields of study.

Dear Candidates, you are now making a life decision concerning the choice of a university where you intend to gain qualifications for the profession you have selected. This must be a responsible and well-considered decision. I am convinced that our University is worth choosing from the wide range of educational offers. The high position which is held by the PWSZ in Elbląg is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Prof. Zbigniew Walczyk, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng.