With branches in two buildings, the library comprises an up-to-date collection of books, appropriate for the educational needs of the School. Thanks to a computer library system, each student can access the library catalogues, search for and reserve books online.

As well as offering access to over a hundred newspaper and magazine titles, the reading rooms are equipped with stations which allow access to digital publications, LEX System of Legal Information and Legalis. The IBOOK Libra access to digital publications allows access to the online reading room from anywhere. The website contains links to digital libraries, databases and the digital resources of Virtual Science Library, which are accessible from all computers in the School's network.


"Filar Sztuki" Art Gallery

The library Art Gallery called "Filar Sztuki" began its functioning in 2011, when it displayed Władysław Hasior's Guardian of Blue Hope. The Gallery is a place where students come in contact with art and literature and where they can see exhibitions of paintings, graphics, drawings or photographs and participate in meetings with representatives of science and culture. The Gallery also promotes students' and staff's artistic activities.